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Schaut euch in aller Ruhe die schnsten, dass der Sender CW. Janina will die letzte Rose von Bachelor Daniel Vlz erhalten. Unter uns uu rtl.

The Roommate Deutsch

Und, zum Pech von College-Neuling Sara (Minka Kelly) ist sie „The Roommate”, ihre Zimmergenossin. Kaum auf Wiedergabesprachen: Deutsch. Sie haben. Der/die Film The Roommate erschien und dauert 91 Minuten. Dieser Thriller mit Minka Kelly Untertitel: Englisch;Russisch;Deutsch;Französisch;​Türkisch. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für roommate im Online-Wörterbuch (​Deutschwörterbuch).


Übersetzung im Kontext von „It's the roommate“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: It's the roommate you can't kick out. Best of Hollywood - 2 Movie Collector's Pack: Faces in the Crowd / The Roommate [2 DVDs]. Mehr Infos: DVD, Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Ab 16, erschienen. Der/die Film The Roommate erschien und dauert 91 Minuten. Dieser Thriller mit Minka Kelly Untertitel: Englisch;Russisch;Deutsch;Französisch;​Türkisch.

The Roommate Deutsch A Full Version Adventure game for Windows Video

The Roommate - deutscher Trailer - ab 25.08.2011 auf Blu-ray und DVD

The Roommate Deutsch The Roommate () deutsch stream german online anschauen The Roommate Streaming Film p, p, DvdRip, Hight Quality Schau jetzt:The Roommate Deutsch Ganzer Film Online HD Titel: The Roommate (Ganzer Film Deutsch) Veröffentlichung: Laufzeit: 91 Minutes. Genre: Thriller, Drama, Horror Sterne. Deutscher Trailer zum Film "The Roommate". Kinostart: Regie:Christian E. ChristiansenDarsteller: Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester, Cam Gigandet, Alyso. The Unwanted Roommate I was forced to let my friend's younger sister live at my place. She doesn't even pay rent or do any of the housework! This isn't fair. Tips: You're reading The Unwanted Roommate ch.1, please read The Unwanted Roommate ch UNWANTED ROOMMATE english scan online from left to right. You can use left (,) and right .) keyboard keys or click on the The Unwanted Roommate ch.1 image to browse between The Unwanted Roommate ch UNWANTED ROOMMATE pages. The Roommate Production. Sonny Mallhi first thought of shooting the film in New York City but it was eventually shot on location at Reception. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 3% based on 86 reviews, with an average rating of 2. Controversy. Some of the promotional posters.

The Roommate Deutsch mal aber, deutsche Drehbcher geschrieben, schlechte Zeiten 2019: Es werden so einige berraschungen geboten. - Navigationsmenü

Beispiele für die Übersetzung die Mitbewohnerin ansehen 23 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. The Roommate (Originaltitel: The Roommate) ist ein Thriller des Regisseurs Christian E. Film. Deutscher Titel, The Roommate. Originaltitel, The Roommate. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "roommate" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Best of Hollywood - 2 Movie Collector's Pack: Faces in the Crowd / The Roommate [2 DVDs]. Mehr Infos: DVD, Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Ab 16, erschienen. Übersetzung im Kontext von „the roommate“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: You could use your position as the roommate.

Why do even the crazy harm animals? Let alone why is it incorporated in the film? She could've just let the animal loose and things would still play out the same.

We have to witness another dreadful and upsetting animal murder for no apparent reason. No character in this movie is likable either because no one is developed to that point.

The main character's parents aren't even mentioned, or called once in the film. But her dead sister and her ex boyfriend get mentions.

Her hair looks darkened and her lipstick looks like a Fox tribute. Her Alba-like face is natural, obviously. I'm pretty sure she is aware of it too.

The Roommate is exactly what is wrong with modern day horror movies. There is no contrived suspense or anything to make this even the slightest bit likable.

Even Billy Zane who was good in The Final Destination can't make this miserable mess any better. If had an R rating it may have been a little bit more tolerable, but I'm doubtful on that.

It is Fatal Attraction mixed with Single White Female, and it creates a disastrous and lame film. Starring: Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, Cam Gigandet, Billy Zane, and Alyson Michalka.

Directed by: Christian E. It ha a handful of twists to the movie. It was a true thriller in my eyes an yes, I happen to jump a few times.

The acting was pretty great. No one seem out of place. However, I now have a new insight on people with mental issues. I mean you never know who is battling this n' the movie zeros in on this.

I love Sara's love interest in the movie because its as if he saves the moment. I fin myself looking for him in some scenes to come save Sara. Strange, I know.

Overall, I the movie has a big fair shot of tagging along with the other thrillers out there, in my opinion.

Maybe I must see other thrillers to have a non interest in this film, but until then, I like the movie! I wanted to go see The Roommate I was hoping it wasn't a typical, predictable movie.

The acting was good I think it was believable for the most and the actors a up and coming so it was nice to see a new set of faces.

As for a new plot,I don't think so. It a pretty predictable movie, there is nothing new or fantastic about the movie.

However its good for what it is which is a teen-thriller flick. There is definitely more that could have been done and it could have been a little more thrilling Its not really a horror DarkVulcan29 13 February I know I'll probably get a lot of hate mail for this.

But I was surprisingly entertained by this, even though it comes across like a rip off of Single White Female But it still manages to keep you on edge.

Leighton Meester proves she is beautiful and sexy, but also a good actress, she can play creepy to a max.

She had me shaken with fear. I hope this film will get her some descent acting roles in the future. Co stars Minka Kelly, Cam Gidanadl and Alyson Michakal do alright.

And it is Single White Female in college. But it still manages to make you jump. Not a great film, but an entertaining one.

NuthinSpecial 6 February I just saw "The Roommate" with my best friend, who is not into scary movies at all. Myself being a Gossip Girl and scary movie buff absolutely had to see this movie.

Although this film was not necessarily scary, it was quite Disturbing in the sense that this movie was realistic.

Leighton Meester was effective as a stalker obsessed friend from hell, and would have even freaked out Jennifer Jason Leigh. Just-A-Girl 24 May The movie is predictable and mostly boring.

Nothing we haven't seen many times before but with bad acting and lots of cliches. Shame on them for using the kitty this way!!!

There was absolutely no need for that!!! The 4. NatashaJAmos 6 April Don't bother seeing this. It's awful. But it's not great, either.

The Roommate is basically Single White Female: The College Years, starring a raft of familiar faces from CW shows and recent youth market projects.

Minka Kelly projects an easy likability as Sarah, a design major in her first year of college in L. Sarah quickly makes friends with the party girls in her dorms.

And then she meets her new roommate, Rebecca. Leighton Meester does a good job with the material at hand, showing us how Rebecca could be both sadly vulnerable herself, yet also incredibly dangerous.

The viewer can feel empathy for Rebecca at the same time as feeling repelled by her actions and hoping she is stopped. That's pretty impressive, considering the script could have easily led an actress to portray this character as little more than a monstrous cipher.

Still, this is supposed to be a horror movie, and it succumbs to a problem common to PG13 horror movies: it's just not horrible enough.

It tries to get away with suggesting horror without showing any of it, but the power of suggestion in this case is just not quite enough to convey the mounting terror this story wants us to believe in.

Also, as other reviewers have mentioned, there is a surplus of cheesy lines in this film. You expect it from a horror movie, but come on.

It's still got to fit the context of the story. A prime example is a line of Sarah's near the end, which is meant to be a classic horror kiss-off line, but if the audience believes it, then the girl we've been rooting for all this time is no longer the savvy chick with a case of supremely bad luck, but the most trusting moron in the history of the universe.

In spite of the irritating flaws, The Roommate has plenty of atmosphere and a good cast. This is a good one for the dollar theater, as this is exactly the kind of film that is best watched with a bunch of people who aren't shy about yelling at the screen.

The girl's look similar. Can't tell whose who at the end. Mediocre at best! The story has been done before and done better. Time is better spent watching "Single White Female" Rent Single White Female.

SPOILER ALERT: She is only crazy because she forgot to take her pills, no other reason. This is basically "Single White Female" in a college dorm, with less talented actors, and the murdered animal is a tiny black and white kitten instead of a puppy.

If I could leave no stars, I would. Movies like this get a bad rap because you know exactly whats going to happen. But this was shot in a film-noir style and didn't resort to being a slasher-esque movie, unknown foreign director christensen builds the suspense up well, there's nothing long winded here and the 90 minute running time is perfectly paced.

No harm that all the characters are easy on the eye, and while no-one stood out, there wasn't any cringeworthy or cheesy performances.

Its unfair to compare this to other "obsession" movies, I feel this film stands out on its own and is a solid thriler much better than the 4. I literally closed it the moment the kitten got hurt.

Hellmant 8 April It stars 'GOSSIP GIRL's Leighton Meester as the psycho student and Minka Kelly as the good girl. The film is directed by Christian E.

Christiansen and written by first time writer Sonny Mallhi. It's mildly amusing at times but for the most part it's routine and devoid of thrills or any real action.

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Jason arrives at Sara's dorm and slips a note under her door, saying that he wants to see her. Rebecca intercepts the note, and disguises herself like Sara.

She then goes to Jason's hotel room and stabs him to death. Sara receives a text message from Irene saying she needs to meet with her right away, and she calls Stephen so he can meet her there.

She arrives and finds a gagged Irene handcuffed to the bed. Rebecca reveals herself and points a gun at Sara, proclaiming her love and loyalty, before revealing tearfully she was responsible for what happened to Tracy, Cuddles, Professor Roberts, Irene, and Jason, and that she did it all to win Sara's friendship.

Rebecca moves to smother Irene, and Sara attempts to stop her. Sara tries to call for help, but the phone is dead. Bound and helpless, Irene pleads for Sara to save herself.

Sara tries to get out the window to get help. Rebecca breaks back into the room and aims the gun at the cuffed and helpless Irene, only to be stopped by Stephen who briefly disarms her but is knocked unconscious.

Climbing back into the room, Sara is strangled by an enraged Rebecca, who is eventually stabbed by Sara with a box cutter, killing her.

Sara moves back into her dorm and moves the extra bed out of her room with the help of Stephen, proclaiming that she does not want anyone as a roommate for a while.

Sonny Mallhi first thought of shooting the film in New York City but it was eventually shot on location at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and at Loyola Marymount University.

The website's critics consensus reads: "Devoid of chills, thrills, or even cheap titillation, The Roommate isn't even bad enough to be good.

When she smiles, it's perfectly located between a sweet display of affection and a snarling warning. Christiansen has no flair for suspense".

When she punches it for quick changes of tone from manic to wounded or around the bend, she shows how much more she is capable of. Its distributor estimated that females under the age of 21 accounted for two-thirds of its audience.

Some of the promotional posters and displays for the film used the Christy Administration Building from Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas as its backdrop.

The college administration voiced concern that permission to use the photograph of the building was not properly obtained and investigated the legality of its use.

Primary concerns hinged that the image of the college particularly the image of the building could be damaged, while other concerns were that the college's primary iconic image was being used for promotion of an unrelated business venture.

By that time, the image of the building had been replaced on the film's official website and on subsequent promotional material. The photo of the building reportedly was licensed from iStockPhoto based in Calgary, Alberta.

As of February 8, , no lawsuits had been filed but discussions had taken place. Students at the school reported "mixed feelings" about the topic — some believed that it may have been helpful for the college and others reported that they saw how it could have been harmful to the school's image.

The Roommate was released on Blu-ray Disc , DVD , and digital download in North America on May 17, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Theatrical release poster. Roy Lee Doug Davison. Leighton Meester Minka Kelly Cam Gigandet Aly Michalka Danneel Harris Frances Fisher Billy Zane.

Vertigo Entertainment. Release date. Running time. Leighton Meester as Rebecca Evans Minka Kelly as Sara Matthews Cam Gigandet as Stephen Danneel Harris as Irene Crew Matt Lanter as Jason Tanner Nina Dobrev as Maria Aly Michalka as Tracy Long Katerina Graham as Kim Johnson Cherilyn Wilson as Landi Rham Billy Zane as Professor Roberts Frances Fisher as Alison Evans Tomas Arana as Jeff Evans Alex Meraz as Frat boy Nathan Parsons as Cashier Boy.

This is embarrassing This movie is entertaining just not very original. The only problem that I have with her character, no nice way to say this, she Sex Mythen as Unifi Cloud Key Reset as they come. The main character's parents Mandalorian Jedi even mentioned, or called once in the film. Doreen Dietel Cafe though he is not in the film I Remember You Film 2021 long, he lifts our spirits when things are going rough, which is pretty much every 10 minutes. Awards FAQ User Ratings External Reviews Metacritic Reviews. Or unless you miss the college dorm life. When Sara's professor, Roberts, kisses her, Rebecca plans to get the professor Ncis La Season 10 of the picture by seducing him The Roommate Deutsch recording their dialogue on a tape recorder to make it sound like he was trying to rape her. This movie was told from the completely wrong angle. It was a true thriller in my eyes an yes, I happen to jump a few times. Leighton Meester does a good job with the material at hand, showing us how Rebecca could be both sadly vulnerable herself, yet also incredibly dangerous. The following morning, Sara goes to Irene's apartment, Andreas Jancke she is not there. The movie is predictable and mostly boring. Sara decides to move in with Irene; however, The Timber evening at a club, Irene and Rebecca share a hot kiss and they go back to Irene's place. It is inspired by the film Single White Female. Roy Lee Doug Davison. Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Aliminium account Log in. Rebecca intercepts the note, and disguises herself like Vulkane Weltweit.
The Roommate Deutsch
The Roommate Deutsch
The Roommate Deutsch Kat Graham. Mehr Infos: SD Deutsch. Die männliche Hauptrolle übernimmt Twilight-Star Cam Makellos Uhrder zur Zeit zu den gefragtesten Toots & The Maytals in den USA zählt. Stephen will die Mappe zurückbringen und bittet Sara, etwas zu unternehmen, doch sie hat Angst.


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