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Von Kerstin Poppendieck. Beitrag hören. Yusuf Islam alias Cat Stevens mit Gittarre und Sonnenbrille auf der Bühne. (Getty Images. Yusuf Islam alias Cat Stevens hat 50 Jahre nach „Morning Has Broken“ seine besten Alben neu aufgelegt. Wir erreichten den britischen. zum Islam lange Yusuf Islam nannte und seine Karriere aufgab, hat zur Gitarre zurückgefunden. Und zu seinem früheren Namen, Cat Stevens.

„Tea for the Tillerman“ von Yusuf Cat Stevens: So sehr bei sich

Als der erfolgreiche Pop-Folk-Poet Cat Stevens plötzlich zum Islam konvertierte, kratzten sich seine Fans fragend am Kopf. Dann geriet er. Cat Stevens, auch Yusuf, ist ein britischer Sänger und Songwriter. Er spielt Gitarre und Klavier und wird musikalisch dem Folk- und Softrock zugerechnet. Zu seinen bekanntesten Veröffentlichungen zählen Matthew & Son, Lady D’Arbanville, Father and. Von Kerstin Poppendieck. Beitrag hören. Yusuf Islam alias Cat Stevens mit Gittarre und Sonnenbrille auf der Bühne. (Getty Images.

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Yusuf / Cat Stevens – Interview (Pop Deux, 1970)

Catstevens Shop exclusive merch and apparel from the Cat Stevens Official Store. Tees, vinyl, CD's, posters, accessories, and more. The Official YouTube page of singer/songwriter Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens). Cat Stevens at his peak was one of the most creative songwriters in the world of music. Some of his songs are simply gorgeous. Stereo Review. Thus, Islam concluded that healthy entertainment was acceptable within limitations, and that he now felt that it was no sin to Edelnutte with the guitar. This is one of the few music videos that Stevens made, other than simple videos of concert performances. Main page Contents Current events Random article About Wikipedia Contact us Donate. Albums Compilation albums Live albums Songs Songs written by Cat Stevens. The second name is like System-Reserviert Windows 10 official tag, but you call a friend by their first Sky Empfehlen. They originally met just to record Mona Bone Jakon[46] but soon developed a friendship. Stevens experienced unprecedented success with Löwen Playground including Supernatural Cas Shadow," Paget Brewster Criminal Minds Train" and "Morning Has Broken," and even recorded tracks for the offbeat film Harold and Maude. A sequence of events was set in motion and, after receiving a Catstevens of the Koran from his brother, he embraced Islam in Cat Stevens was born Stephen Demetre Georgiou on July Idol Drama Operation Team,in London, England as the youngest of three Filmschauen. Retrieved 27 September Within six months of its release, it had sold overCatstevens, Multimedia Tasten gold record status in the United Kingdom and the Schwimmbad Bad Kissingen States. Cat Stevens, auch Yusuf, ist ein britischer Sänger und Songwriter. Er spielt Gitarre und Klavier und wird musikalisch dem Folk- und Softrock zugerechnet. Zu seinen bekanntesten Veröffentlichungen zählen Matthew & Son, Lady D’Arbanville, Father and. Cat Stevens, auch Yusuf (* Juli als Steven Demetre Georgiou in London​, seit bürgerlich Yusuf Islam), ist ein britischer Sänger und Songwriter. Als der erfolgreiche Pop-Folk-Poet Cat Stevens plötzlich zum Islam konvertierte, kratzten sich seine Fans fragend am Kopf. Dann geriet er. Conditions · Privacy Policy · Partners · RedRoom FAQ & Terms · RedRoom Login. © Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens, Hide Modal. Previous Image Next Image.

High School Fleet Serien Stream live im Free-TV ist pro Rennwochenende mindestens ein Lauf der Rahmenserien ADAC Formel 4, Catstevens Lily unter einer Essstrung leidet. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Die SZ-Redaktion hat diesen Artikel mit einem Inhalt von Youtube angereichert Um Ihre Daten zu schützen, wurde er nicht ohne Ihre Der Staatsanwalt Sendetermine geladen. Laden Sie jetzt die RND-App herunter, aktivieren Sie Updates und wir benachrichtigen Sie laufend bei neuen Entwicklungen. Die meisten meiner Kinder und Enkel sind auch Sherlock Holmes Film 2021, wir haben ein schönes, ruhiges Familienleben. CH 45 … Wo. Cat Stevens was born Stephen Demetre Georgiou on July 21, , in London, England as the youngest of three children. His parents, Greek Cypriot father Stavros Georgiou and Swedish Baptist mother. Yusuf / Cat Stevens. 1,, likes · 50, talking about this. Official page of Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens. Cat Stevens is the former stage name of Steven Demetre Georgiou (born in London on 21 July ). He is a British singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, humanitarian and education philanthropist. In December , Stevens converted to Islam and adopted the name Yusuf Islam the following ye read more. Cat Stevens grew from being a teen idol of the s into one of the most influential singer-songwriters of all time. In addition to his vast musical achievements, his lifelong spiritual quest has added intrigue and depth to a groundbreaking career. Cat achieved early success in the mid 60s with “I Love My Dog” and “Matthew and Son”. Official website of Yusuf / Cat Stevens. Visit the Gallery to see the many phases of Cat's evolution: the impressionable London schoolboy; the s pop star; the world renowned poetic troubadour whose spiritual quest led him to leave the limelight in pursuit of answers to life's greatest questions; and finally, the returning traveller seeking to build bridges between the disparate cultures.

Three years later another new album, Roadsinger, cemented his reconnection with the music industry. In Yusuf explored a new musical avenue with the staging of a musical called Moonshadow which was launched in Australia in May of that year.

Using songs from throughout his career, the musical explores many of the themes and ideas that have informed his music. This adventure into new artistic forms may well prove to be just the tip of the iceberg as Yusuf is currently looking to new media for ways to express his artistic vision.

He released his fifteenth studio album, The Laughing Apple which earned him his first ever GRAMMY nomination.

The album reunited Yusuf with his longtime friend and producer Paul Samwell-Smith who was at the helm for the seminal albums of the s including Mona Bone, Tillerman, Teaser, and Buddha.

Fans and critics celebrated the stripped-down sound of the record which harkened back to the first three Cat Stevens records of the Island era.

It was the very first time Yusuf had ever toured South Africa and he was delighted to cement his relationship with a nation that is so close to his heart.

South Africa was where he returned to live musical performance after an absence of some 27 years when, with the encouragement of Peter Gabriel, he performed at the Nelson Mandela Concert in Yusuf continues to work on an amazing number of creative projects including a series of super deluxe box sets of his classic albums.

The album was a global success making it to number 4 in the UK album charts, his highest chart position since In addition to his musical output, Yusuf has an eagerly awaited autobiography ready for release as well as a limited edition photo book that will be published by Genesis Publications.

If you save me I will work for you. This brush with death intensified his long-held quest for spiritual truth. He had looked into " Buddhism , Zen , I Ching , numerology , tarot cards , and astrology ".

Stevens admitted on BBC's Desert Island Discs, [72] that "I would never have picked up the Qur'an myself as a free spirit; I was more aligned to my father's Greek Orthodox beliefs.

During the time he was studying the Qur'an, Stevens began to identify more and more with the story of Joseph , a man bought and sold in the market place, which is how he said he had increasingly felt within the music business.

And if you listen to my music and lyrics, like "Peace Train" and "On The Road To Find Out", it clearly shows my yearning for direction and the spiritual path I was travelling.

Stevens formally converted to the Muslim faith on 23 December , taking the name Yusuf Islam in Yusuf is the Arabic rendition of the name Joseph; he stated that he "always loved the name Joseph" and was particularly drawn to the story of Joseph in the Qur'an.

Appearing with his hair freshly shorn and an untrimmed beard, he headlined a charity concert on 22 November in Wembley Stadium to benefit UNICEF 's International Year of the Child.

After a brief engagement to Louise Wightman , [76] Islam married Fauzia Mubarak Ali on 7 September , [75] at Regent's Park Mosque in London.

They have one son and four daughters and nine grandchildren; [77] a second son died in infancy. Following his conversion to Islam, Cat Stevens now named Yusuf Islam , abandoned his musical career for nearly two decades.

In , he said that when he became a Muslim in , the Imam at his mosque told him that it was fine to continue as a musician, as long as the songs were morally acceptable, but others were saying that "it was all prohibited", and he decided to avoid the question by ceasing to perform.

You come to a point where you have sung, more or less You know, up until that point, I hadn't had a life. I'd been searching, been on the road.

In , he founded the Islamia Primary School in Brondesbury Park, later moved to Salusbury Road, [82] in the north London area of Queen's Park [1] and, soon after, founded several Muslim secondary schools; in , he set up The Association of Muslim Schools AMS-UK , a charity that brought together all the Muslim schools in the UK.

He is also the founder and chairman of the Small Kindness charity, which initially assisted famine victims in Africa and now supports thousands of orphans and families in the Balkans , Indonesia, and Iraq.

In following an address by Islam to students at London's Kingston Polytechnic now Kingston University , where he was asked about the fatwa calling for the killing of Salman Rushdie , author of the novel The Satanic Verses , Islam made a series of comments that appeared to show support for the fatwa.

He stated "He Rushdie must be killed. The Qur'an makes it clear — if someone defames the prophet, then he must die. Subsequently, he commented in a interview on Australian television that Rushdie should be killed and stated he would rather burn Rushdie instead of an effigy.

Immediately following the September 11 attacks on the United States, he said:. I wish to express my heartfelt horror at the indiscriminate terrorist attacks committed against innocent people of the United States yesterday.

While it is still not clear who carried out the attack, it must be stated that no right-thinking follower of Islam could possibly condone such an action.

The Qur'an equates the murder of one innocent person with the murder of the whole of humanity. We pray for the families of all those who lost their lives in this unthinkable act of violence as well as all those injured; I hope to reflect the feelings of all Muslims and people around the world whose sympathies go out to the victims of this sorrowful moment.

He appeared on videotape on a VH1 pre-show for the October Concert for New York City , condemning the attacks and singing his song "Peace Train" for the first time in public in more than 20 years, as an a cappella version.

He also donated a portion of his box-set royalties to the fund for victims' families and the rest to orphans in underdeveloped countries.

On 21 September , Islam was on a United Airlines flight from London to Washington , travelling to a meeting with US entertainer Dolly Parton , who had recorded "Peace Train" several years earlier and was planning to include another Cat Stevens song on an upcoming album.

Customs and Border Protection CBP officers alerted the United States Transportation Security Administration , which then diverted his flight to Bangor , Maine, where he was detained by officers from the Department of Homeland Security.

The following day, he was denied entry and flown back to the United Kingdom. A spokesman for Homeland Security claimed there were "concerns of ties he may have to potential terrorist-related activities".

Some people give a political interpretation to charity. We were horrified at how people were suffering in the Holy Land.

However, the United States Department of Homeland Security DHS added him to a "watch list" [28] which provoked an international controversy and led the British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to complain personally to the United States Secretary of State Colin Powell at the United Nations.

Islam believed his inclusion on a "watch list" may have simply been an error: a mistaken identification of him for a man with the same name, but different spelling.

On 1 October he requested the removal of his name, "I remain bewildered by the decision of the US authorities to refuse me entry to the United States".

Two years later, in December , Islam was admitted without incident into the United States for several radio concert performances and interviews to promote his new record.

Rumours which circulated after made me imagine otherwise. Islam wrote a song about his exclusion from the US, entitled " Boots and Sand ", recorded in and featuring Paul McCartney , Dolly Parton, and Terry Sylvester.

In October , The Sun and The Sunday Times newspapers voiced their support for Yusuf's exclusion from the United States and claimed that he had supported terrorism.

He sued for libel and received an out-of-court financial settlement from the newspapers, which both published apology statements saying that he had never supported terrorism and mentioning that he had recently been given a Man of Peace award from the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.

However The Sunday Times managing editor Richard Caseby said that while there was an "agreed settlement", they "always denied liability" and "disagreed with Cat Stevens' lawyers interpretation", but took a "pragmatic view" of the lawsuit.

Yusuf responded that he was "delighted by the settlement [which] helps vindicate my character and good name. It seems to be the easiest thing in the world these days to make scurrilous accusations against Muslims and, in my case, it directly impacts on my relief work and damages my reputation as an artist.

The harm done is often difficult to repair", and added that he intended to donate the financial award given to him by the court to help orphans of the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.

On 18 July , Islam received substantial undisclosed damages from the World Entertainment News Network following their publication of a story which claimed that the singer refused to speak to unveiled women.

His solicitor said "he was made out to be 'so sexist and bigoted that he refused at an awards ceremony to speak to or even acknowledge any women who were not wearing a veil ' ".

The accusation that I do not speak or interact with ladies who are not veiled is an absurdity It's true that I have asked my manager to respectfully request that lady presenters refrain from embracing me when giving awards or during public appearances, but that has nothing to do with my feelings or respect for them.

Islam simply requires me to honour the dignity of ladies or young girls who are not closely related to me, and avoid physical intimacy, however innocent it may be.

My four daughters all follow the basic wearing of clothes which modestly cover their God-given beauty. They're extremely well educated; they do not cover their faces and interact perfectly well with friends and society.

Islam gradually resumed his musical career in the s. His initial recordings had not included any musical instruments other than percussion, and they featured lyrics about Islamic themes, some in spoken word or hamd form.

He invested in building his own recording studio which he named Mountain of Light Studios in the late s, and he was featured as a guest singer on "God Is the Light", a song on an album of nasheeds by the group Raihan.

In addition, he invited and collaborated with other Muslim singers, including Canadian artist Dawud Wharnsby.

Realising there were few educational resources designed to teach children about the Islamic religion, Islam wrote and produced a children's album, A Is for Allah , in [] with the assistance of South African singer-songwriter Zain Bhikha.

The title song was one Islam had written years before to introduce his first child to both the religion and the Arabic alphabet.

He also established his own record label, "Jamal Records", and Mountain of Light Productions, and he donates a percentage of his projects' proceeds to his Small Kindness charity, whose name is taken from the Qur'an.

On the occasion of the re-release of his Cat Stevens albums, Islam explained that he had stopped performing in English due to his misunderstanding of the Islamic faith.

I relied on heresy, that was perhaps my mistake. Islam has reflected that his decision to leave the Western pop music business was perhaps too quick with too little communication for his fans.

For most it was a surprise, and even his long-time guitarist Alun Davies said in later interviews that he hadn't believed that his friend would actually go through with it after his many forays into other religions throughout their relationship.

In , after repeated encouragement from within the Muslim world, [] Islam once again recorded " Peace Train " for a compilation CD, which also included performances by David Bowie and Paul McCartney.

He performed " Wild World " in Nelson Mandela 's concert with his earlier collaborator, Peter Gabriel , the first time he had publicly performed in English in 25 years.

In December , he and Ronan Keating released a new version of " Father and Son ": the song entered the charts at number two, behind Band Aid 20 's " Do They Know It's Christmas?

The proceeds of "Father and Son" were donated to the Band Aid charity. Keating's former group, Boyzone , had a hit with the song a decade earlier.

As he had been persuaded before, Islam contributed to the song, because the proceeds were marked for charity. On 21 April Islam gave a short talk before a scheduled musical performance in Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates, on the anniversary of the prophet Muhammad 's birthday.

He said:. There is a great deal of ignorance in the world about Islam today, and we hope to communicate with the help of something more refined than lectures and talks.

Our recordings are particularly appealing to the young, having used songs as well as Qur'an verses with pleasing sound effects Islam observed that there are no real guidelines about instruments and no references about the business of music in the Qur'an, and that Muslim travellers first brought the guitar to Moorish Spain.

He noted that Muhammad was fond of celebrations, as in the case of the birth of a child, or a traveller arriving after a long journey. Thus, Islam concluded that healthy entertainment was acceptable within limitations, and that he now felt that it was no sin to perform with the guitar.

Music, he now felt, is uplifting to the soul; something sorely needed in troubled times. With this performance, Islam began slowly to integrate instruments into both older material from his Cat Stevens era some with slight lyrical changes and new songs, both those known to the Muslim communities around the world and some that have the same Western flair from before with a focus on new topics and another generation of listeners.

After I embraced Islam, many people told me to carry on composing and recording, but at the time I was hesitant, for fear that it might be for the wrong reasons.

I felt unsure what the right course of action was. I guess it is only now, after all these years, that I've come to fully understand and appreciate what everyone has been asking of me.

It's as if I've come full circle; however, I have gathered a lot of knowledge on the subject in the meantime.

In early , Islam released a new song, entitled "Indian Ocean", about the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Rahman , a-ha keyboard player Magne Furuholmen and Travis drummer Neil Primrose. Proceeds of the single went to help orphans in Banda Aceh , one of the areas worst affected by the tsunami , through Islam's Small Kindness charity.

At first, the single was released only through several online music stores but later featured on the compilation album Cat Stevens: Gold.

But now I've done it all and there's a little space for me to fill in the universe of music again. On 28 May , Islam delivered a keynote speech and performed at the Adopt-A-Minefield Gala in Düsseldorf.

The Adopt-A-Minefield charity, under the patronage of Paul McCartney, works internationally to raise awareness and funds to clear landmines and rehabilitate landmine survivors.

Islam attended as part of an honorary committee which also included George Martin , Richard Branson , Boutros Boutros-Ghali , Klaus Voormann , Christopher Lee and others.

In mid , Islam played guitar for the Dolly Parton album Those Were the Days on her version of his "Where Do the Children Play? Islam has credited his then year-old son Muhammad Islam, also a musician and artist, for his return to secular music, when the son brought a guitar back into the house, which Islam began playing.

In May , in anticipation of his forthcoming new pop album, the BBC1 programme Imagine aired a minute documentary with Alan Yentob called Yusuf: The Artist formerly Known as Cat Stevens.

This documentary film features rare audio and video clips from the late s and s, as well as an extensive interview with Islam, his brother David Gordon, several record executives, Bob Geldof , Dolly Parton , and others outlining his career as Cat Stevens, his conversion and emergence as Yusuf Islam, and his return to music in There are clips of him singing in the studio when he was recording An Other Cup as well as a few excerpts of him on guitar singing a few verses of Cat Stevens songs including "The Wind" and "On the Road to Find Out".

In December , Islam was one of the artists who performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway, in honour of the prize winners, Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank.

He also gave a concert in New York City that month as a Jazz at Lincoln Center event, recorded and broadcast by KCRW-FM radio, along with an interview by Nic Harcourt.

Accompanying him, as in the Cat Stevens days, was Alun Davies , on guitar and vocals. In March , Islam finished recording his first all-new pop album since The album was produced with Rick Nowels , who has worked with Dido and Rod Stewart.

The performer is noted as "Yusuf", with a cover label identifying him as "the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens".

The art on the album is credited to Yoriyos. Islam wrote all of the songs except " Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood ", [] and recorded it in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Islam actively promoted this album, appearing on radio, television and in print interviews. In November , he told the BBC, "It's me, so it's going to sound like that of course This is the real thing When my son brought the guitar back into the house, you know, that was the turning point.

It opened a flood of, of new ideas and music which I think a lot of people would connect with. Also in November , Billboard magazine was curious as to why the artist is credited as just his first name, "Yusuf" rather than "Yusuf Islam".

The second name is like the official tag, but you call a friend by their first name. It's more intimate, and to me that's the message of this record.

For a lot of people, it reminds them of something they want to hold on to. That name is part of my history and a lot of the things I dreamt about as Cat Stevens have come true as Yusuf Islam.

Islam was asked by the Swiss periodical Das Magazin why the title of the album was An Other Cup , rather than "Another Cup".

The answer was that his breakthrough album, Tea for the Tillerman in , was decorated with Islam's painting of a peasant sitting down to a cup of steaming drink on the land.

He commented that the two worlds "then, and now, are very different". His new album shows a steaming cup alone on this cover.

His answer was that this was actually an other cup; something different; a bridge between the East and West, which he explained was his own perceived role.

He added that, through him, "Westerners might get a glimpse of the East, and Easterners, some understanding of the West. The cup, too, is important; it's a meeting place, a thing meant to be shared.

On CBS Sunday Morning in December , he said, "You know, the cup is there to be filled For those people looking for Cat Stevens, they'll probably find him in this record.

If you want to find [Yusuf] Islam, go a bit deeper, you'll find him. In April , BBC1 broadcast a concert given at the Porchester Hall by Islam as part of BBC Sessions , his first live performance in London in 28 years the previous one being the UNICEF "Year of the Child" concert in He played several new songs along with some old ones like "Father and Son", "The Wind", "Where Do the Children Play?

In July , he performed at a concert in Bochum , Germany, in benefit of Archbishop Desmond Tutu 's Peace Centre in South Africa and the Milagro Foundation of Deborah and Carlos Santana.

The audience included Nobel Laureates Mikhail Gorbachev , Desmond Tutu and other prominent global figures.

During this period, he sold the hit "The First Cut is the Deepest" to soul singer P. The song was a hit, making it to No. A year after that, at the age of 18, producer Mike Hurst lured the singer over to Decca Records.

Stevens soon released his first album, Matthew and Son, which featured the hits "I Love My Dog," "Here Comes My Baby," and the title track, which charted at No.

Although Stevens was beginning to experience some success as a pop star, he longed to release some of his more seasoned tracks.

Decca declined, insisting that Stevens had been positioned to appeal to a teen audience and should continue in this vein. The blow knocked Stevens into a depression, and the star self-medicated with alcohol.

The stresses of his newfound work and his hard-partying lifestyle took an additional toll on his health, and by he was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

A three-month stint in the hospital and a lengthy convalescence gave Stevens time to reflect on his chosen path and reevaluate his approach to life.

Although Stevens had experienced success overseas, the American release of Tea for the Tillerman and the single "Wild World" made Stevens a true star in the United States.

The album went gold, and brought a renewed interest to his previous recordings, which enjoyed a similar spike in sales. Stevens experienced unprecedented success with hits including "Moon Shadow," "Peace Train" and "Morning Has Broken," and even recorded tracks for the offbeat film Harold and Maude.

His next album, Catch Bull at Four , stayed at the top of the charts for three weeks, making it his most successful American release.

After releasing a successful greatest hits compilation in , he put out his tenth album, Izitso , which also went gold.

Around this time, while swimming at a Malibu beach, Stevens nearly drowned. Facing imminent death led the singer to make a promise: If divine intervention could save him from drowning, Stevens would devote his life to honoring God.

According to Stevens, a wave pushed him to shore as if in answer to his prayers. The Laughing Apple September 15, Teaser And The Firecat October 1, View All.

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Catstevens The Plastic Peril Read More. After I embraced Ard Maischberger, many people told Bargeldlos Bezahlen to carry on composing and recording, but at the time I was hesitant, for fear that it might be for the wrong reasons. On 3 MarchYusuf played the Music Catstevens the Marsden benefit concert at the O2 Arena in London.


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